Webster Police Live Scanner Audio

The Webster Police Live Scanner has the ability to display the name and frequency of the agency transmitting at any given time. In order to get this feature, you must be using the Winamp Player. Upon opening Winamp, hold control and press L. This will prompt you to enter a web address. Use http://www.radioreference.com/scripts/playlists/1/5225/60541-5202659768.m3u. Alternatively, if Winamp is your default player for m3u files, you can click this link: http://www.radioreference.com/scripts/playlists/1/5225/60541-5202659768.m3u. If you are having trouble with either of the prior options, or if you simply prefer not to have the text tags, you may remain on this page and the live scanner will begin playing.

The Following Agencies are currently being monitored.

Webster Fire
Webster Police
Webster EMS
Webster DPW
S. Worc. Cty. Fire
Dudley Police
Dudley Fire
Southbridge Fire Ch. 1
Southbridge Fire Ch. 2
Southbridge Fire Ch. 3
DCR Ch. 13 (Fire Towers)
Oxford Fire (Dispatch)
Oxford Fire (Fireground)
Douglas Fire
Charlton Fire
UMASS Lifeflight
Webster Police Department
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