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Department Photo, May, 2007

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NameRankServing Since
Timothy Bent Chief of Police 1988
Michael Shaw Deputy Chief 1997
2017-Deputy Chief
Nancy Consolie Executive Secretary  


NameServing SinceVM Ext.Assignment
Thomas Ralph 1996
1212 Evening/Night Shift Supervisor
Traffic Unit Supervisor
CJIS Representative
Grant Manager
Joseph Brooks 2000
1213 Evening Shift Supervisor
Gordon Wentworth 2004
1237 Day Shift Supervisor
Crime Scene Officer
Sexual Assault Investigator
Evidence Supervisor
James Hoover 1994
1127 Detective
Crime Scene Officer
Ass't. Marine Patrol Supervisor
Tobby Wheeler 2006
1239 Night Shift Supervisor


NameServing SinceVM Ext.Assignment
David Brody 1988 1201 Court Liaison
Records Access Officer
James Young, Sr. 1988 1259 Firearms Instructor
Firearms Licensing Officer
John Nedoroscik 1991 1209 Sexual Assault Investigator
Timothy Moran 1994 1211
Steven Cacciapouti 1997 1215 Detective
Fire Investigator
Sex Offender Registry Officer
Sexual Assault Investigator
Aaron Suss 2000 1205 K-9 Officer
Michael Yurkevicius 2002 1208 Information Technology
Daniel Difusco 2003 1251 Executive Office of Public Safety Grant Manager/Liaison
Patrick Perry 2004 1241 Sex Offender Registry Officer
Sexual Assault Investigator
Field Training Officer
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Michael Reardon 2004 1243 Traffic Unit
Motorcycle Officer
James Young, Jr. 2006 1245 CEMLEC SWAT
Crime Scene Officer
Field Training Officer
Firearms Instructor
Joshua Collins 2006 1231 CEMLEC SWAT
Marine Patrol Supervisor
Motor Pool Manager
Firearms Instructor
Michael Lee 2007 1242 Motorcycle Officer
Sexual Assault Investigator
Firearms Instructor
Robert Larochelle 2009 1233 Photographer
Crime Scene Officer
Field Training Officer
CJIS Representative
Robert Ela 2010 1229 Motorcycle Officer
Traffic Unit
Joseph Reed 2010 1253 Fire Investigator
Sexual Assault Investigator
Bruce Hamm 2012 1250 Traffic Unit
CEMLEC Accident Reconstruction
Juvenile Firesetter Intervention
Sex Offender Registry Officer
Child Safety Seat Installation
Christopher Trainor 2012 1256 Detective
Special Assignment
Timothy Whiting 2013 1252 School Resource Officer
Sexual Assault Investigator
Field Training Officer
Motorcycle Officer
Spencer Donovan 2015 1265
Robert Rockwood 2016 1202
Michael O'Leary 2017 1204
Sean Ebbeling 2017 1207
Jonathan Brooks 2017 1260

Permanent Intermittent Patrolmen

James Baca  
Stephen Foisy Information Technology
Matthew Langevin  
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