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The anonymous tip system should never be used to report emergencies or request services that require an immediate response.This page is best viewed at a resolution of at least 1280x768.

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Most Wanted
The Webster Police Department is asking for your assistance in locating the following outstanding criminal suspects. All suspects are to be considered armed and dangerous. If you have seen any of these individuals, please contact the Webster Police Department immediately.

  • Never attempt to initiate, make, or affect any type of private or citizens arrest of anyone on this Warrant List. Should you recognize a name, and have any information at to where that person might be found, notify the: Webster Police Department.
  • The Webster Police Department Warrant list is posted solely for public informational purpose, so that information can be developed to locate and bring these individuals to justice by the police.
  • All Warrants must be confirmed. Members of the Webster Police Department never make an apprehension of any wanted person, without confirming the authenticity of any outstanding warrant.

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